Liberty and This Land

This morning I ran circles around my yard while listening to my Easter mix on my iPod.  I am not at liberty to run on the streets here but was needing some exercise outside.  My yard is small, and I didn’t run for long.  It was liberating though.  The air was cold.  The sky was clear, and my ears were filled with words about the power of the cross and resurrection.

These past few days I have been reminded of how liberty is a precious gift.  There was violence in our city this Friday which affected people close to us and so affected us.   Decisions are being made.  School is canceled for the week.  (Aren’t my kids glad they are homeschooled?)  Fear is in the air, but also anger.  Last night as I was reading a novel called London Dawn by Murray Pura, a passage stuck out.  The book is set in England right before England enters WWII.  The Nazi’s have taken over Germany and have started their deception.  The family in the book though part of the aristocracy has already seen much death and heartache.  The son in law, who is a preacher, is studying for his sermon out of 2 Cor.   In verse 17, he reads, “Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty.”  He is not seeing liberty around him but oppression.  People have died.  His sister in law just barely escaped from Germany minutes before the Nazi’s were coming for them.   As he thought some more, he realised that liberty is a physical thing but also a spiritual thing.  So he penned these words…

Liberty is to be free from fear.
Liberty is to be free from hate.
Liberty is to liberate others.
So here in this land, I pray for liberty of the heart first and foremost.  I pray that the hearts of this people will be liberated that they will be free from fear and hate.  May Jesus come and free them from the bondage they are in.   I pray also for safety for all in the coming days as the election comes near.  I pray for liberty to become real in this land both spiritually and physically.  
As I walked and ran this morning, I was able to worship in my backyard.  “Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty.”  God reminded me to not fear nor be discouraged or dismayed. (Is. 41:10)  He whispered that He is the first and the last, the beginning and the end.  In the end, He will be victorious.   He gently encouraged me to focus on the power of the cross and resurrection.  It is because of this power that we have liberty.  So as Easter approaches, I am going to cling to the power of the cross and resurrection and cherish the liberty that I do have.  

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