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For the past few months, I have enjoyed reading the monthly twitterature linkups over at Modern Mrs. Darcy.   The idea is to give a short review of the books you are either currently reading or have finished in the last month.  So I thought I would put in my two cents worth with my books for the month.

1.  Sensible Shoes: A Spiritual Journey by Sharon Garlough Brown
I enjoyed learning about spiritual disciplines through the story of four ladies and their lives as they go through a spiritual formation class.  One thought that has stayed with me is that when something is irritating me, it could be God’s way of pointing out something in me that needs fixed.  I look forward to trying out some of the practices in the next month.  Think I can convince my husband to build a labyrinth in our back yard?

2. Trinity: Military War Dog (A Breed Apart) by Ronie Kendig

A year or so ago, our family read and enjoyed Ronie Kendig’s book, Dead Reckoning and loved it.  So when this book showed up on a discounted list, I bought it.  My daughter and husband have already read all three books in the series.  Since we live in Central Asia, I enjoyed most of the book being based there.   It had adventure, romance and characters dealing with the choices they had made and were making.   Learning about the military war dogs was a fun part of the book.  I also have a tiny confession to make.  I also read the other two books in the series- Talon and Beowulf.

3. The Headache Cure by Julianne Peyo
This book was a quick read but had some great ideas on how to get rid of headaches naturally.  Ironically, I have been having headaches this week and have been trying out some of the techniques.  I haven’t been headache free but they have gone away for a little while.  Now if I could just figure out what might be triggering the headaches.

4.  Ordering Your Private World by Gordon MacDonald
This updated book is a reread for me.  In the past year, I have been thinking a lot about my private world and how to better cultivate it.  As we are getting ready to head back to Central Asia, the author’s suggestions have given me some great ideas on how to better schedule and prioritise my time as well as how important it is to practice the spiritual disciplines.   One idea that I am already implementing is from the chapter on always learning.   Three ways to always be learning is through listening, reading and continued study.

Please share what you have been reading this month in the comments below or link up with me over at The Modern Ms. Darcy.

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      Sensible Shoes sounds really interesting — quite an original idea for a novel (it is fiction, right?). I haven't read the MacDonald book, but several years ago I read one of his called Restoring Joy to Your Inner World, and I found it very helpful at the particular stage I was at then.

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