A Good-Bye Musing

A Good-Bye Musing

Good-byes seem to be everywhere these days whether it’s people moving or dying or in our case going back to Central Asia.    Being in the midst of another round of good-byes has me thinking a lot about them.  Here are some of my thoughts.
1.  Good-byes are hard.  I never know what to say.  It never seems natural and often feels awkward. 
2.  Good-byes never get easier.  In the last four years, we have said more good-byes than I can count. It doesn’t get easier, and in some ways, it gets harder.  
3.  Good-byes are important.  Good-byes tell the other person it matters to me that we will be apart.  I will miss you and appreciate your friendship.  
4. Good-byes bring closure.  We once had friends leave the field to go on furlough and decide not to come back.  We always felt there was no good-bye and thus no closure.  For us, we were never able to tell them in person how much we valued their work and their friendship.  It felt like we were left hanging.  Other friends of ours had to leave the field abruptly due to medical reasons.  It was so nice when they came back a year later to say good-bye and have closure both for our team and themselves.  Some words are better said in person plus good-bye hugs are nice.
5.  Good-byes remind us to not put things off.   Don’t put off those words of encouragement.  Make time now not later to get together.  Appreciate the memories and the moments.

6. With God, we never have to say good-bye.  He is always with us.  In fact, He promised that he would never leave us or forsake us.  Great reminder when life has lots of good-byes.

So far the good-byes for this round have been hard but good.  We have been blessed with friends and friends who support what we do and make time for us when we are home.  Praying these last few days before leaving that we will use our time well.

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      God's grace on your good-byes, TJ. I can so relate. I especially hate watching my KIDS have to say good-bye. And they have to do it so often too. It's hard to watch, but maybe they're getting used to it. Sometimes I think we harden our hearts a tiny bit just to survive! Part of overseas living.

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