Unlimited Flexibility

A few weeks ago we were asked to speak at a luncheon where  the people attending were interested in moving overseas or were strong supporters of those who had.  The topic was what is life really like for us.  They wanted to know the nitty gritty.  What was hard.  What was not.  During the course of our conversation, my DH mentioned how living overseas required unlimited flexibility, and we are a work in progress.  How do we define unlimited flexibility?  It is when you are already being flexible and are asked to be even more so.  It is when you are able to give up control because you know who is ultimately in control.  It is what you have to be when a plane is broke that is really needed.  It is how you deal with visas being delayed and people getting sick.  It is what is required for us to say I can’t do this on my own, I need God’s help.  

The last few weeks we have been watching a TV show called Leverage.  In the show, a team of thieves and conmen work for the little guy restoring to them what is lost by conning the bad guys.  Nothing ever goes as planned.  They have a plan B and often work their way almost up to a plan Z but by the end of the show, they have brought some type of closure to their client along with some money for both them and the client.  

Currently we are feeling like we are working toward a plan Z.   My DH is trying to finish up some pilot training before we leave in less than a month.   This week he has had to have unlimited flexibility.  His schedule seems to change daily.  The date of his check ride has been changed at least three times among a few other things.  Then tonight as he was out trying to get some night hours in, he calls to tell me that the plane had a flat tire.  Being the good wife that I am, I laughed.  It has been one of those weeks asking unlimited flexibility of us.  That’s why it is good to remember that God never has to have a plan B.   Some might say that Jesus was a plan B because man messed up in the garden but Jesus was always plan A.   So today we are putting our plans in the hands of the one who knows the outcome and praying that God will show us his plan. The results may not be what we wanted, but they will not take God by surprise.  

Dear God, Thank you that nothing takes you by surprise.  In this world of unlimited changes, you are a God who never changes.  You are the same yesterday, today and forever.  Be with my DH.  Guide him and be with him.  Help him to have success in his check rides even with all the craziness.  Amen