When Obstacles Come Our Way

Before I posted Unlimited Flexibility, I had my husband read the post so I didn’t share something too personal or that he was uncomfortable with.   We then talked about how some of these obstacles might have led us to believe that maybe we had made a wrong decision.   When obstacles come our way, we often second guess ourselves […]

Quotes-January 2014

January has been a month of getting back into a good routine.  DH is finishing up his flight training.  The kids and I are doing school.  It has been a good month to plan for the next year and work on a few projects.  I haven’t read as much as usual but here are a few of my favourite quotes from the month. From Lysa […]

Unlimited Flexibility

A few weeks ago we were asked to speak at a luncheon where  the people attending were interested in moving overseas or were strong supporters of those who had.  The topic was what is life really like for us.  They wanted to know the nitty gritty.  What was hard.  What was not.  During the course of our conversation, my DH […]

From the Other Side of the Street

Most afternoons you will find me walking my neighbourhood for at least thirty minutes.  Sometimes I walk alone with my iPod.  Other times my daughter joins me.   Walking for me is not only a great form of exercise but a way to clear my thoughts.  It is a freedom I do not have overseas where walking is just a […]

Deeper in 2014

This year started off with the sobering affect that life is short.  Last weekend, we attended the funeral of a teammate who died of liver cancer right before Christmas.   He lived his life well.   He lived life intentionally.  Death causes reflection and introspection of our own lives especially in a light of a New Year with the possibility […]

Favorite Books of 2013

Wouldn’t you love to have a tree like this for Christmas?  This was at the White House when we took a tour this last month.   Reading is a part of our family.  Most of the time we read off of our digital devices but these past few months we have enjoyed reading from hard copies of books.  We have […]

7 Things Learned in December

We were on the road for the last  half of November and then all of December.  Our journey took us from Texas to Missouri to Illinois then to Florida.  After Thanksgiving, we traveled to Tennessee, Virginia, Washington DC, Indiana, and ended in Iowa for Christmas.  Now we are safely back in Texas.  Once again I am linking up with Emily […]