10 Lessons Learned in October

10 Lessons Learned in October

We really enjoyed October with its cooler weather, pumpkin bagels, apple cider and changing leaves. Our lives have been full of school, friends and enjoying the city of Fort Worth.   In the midst of it all, I was even able to learn a few things.  So here they are.

1. I can live with less clothes.  Even though we are only in the states for 5 months, we will be here for three seasons.  I bought a few new clothes but already have enough clothes in Central Asia and don’t want to store a bunch here.  So between the clothes I brought back with me and the new ones,  I am trying to be creative and mix and match with what I have.  I really like what I have so I don’t mind the repetition.  It is also easier having less clothes in the states since laundry takes less time.

2. I can consistently have a quiet time in the morning.  It has been good to establish a good morning routine.

3. We do grow in our faith.  When big D was little, he had a couple of surgeries.  I remember the worry and the stress of it all even while I was trying to trust in God.  This week a family member had an outpatient procedure.  I felt a peace about the whole thing.   It might have helped that the family member was older and the procedure was routine, but I am hoping that part of it was trust that God has taken care of us before and will again.

4. I still hate talking on the phone.  I can do it.  I just don’t like to for some reason.

5. I still love Dee Henderson’s books.  I just finished one of her newer books to me, Full Disclosure, and loved it.  Reading it was even more special since it was a gift from my college roommate.  We have enjoyed reading most of her books at the same time and talking about the characters as if they were old friends.  One of my favourite things about this book was how the author referenced characters from previous books.   I even went back and read a previous book since I didn’t remember the story behind one of the mentioned characters.

6.  I really needed time with friends who know me, love me anyway, and keep me accountable.   We have history.  We have been through ups and downs together.  We have laughed and wept together.  One of my favourite parts of furlough is getting to hang out with my friends at least once a week.

7. You feel more Texan when you have boots.  I’m enjoying the boots that my husband bought me for my birthday.  Now if it would just stay cooler so I could wear them more often.

8. It is more fun reading a book with someone.  My honey and I have been reading Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell.  It is fun to discuss what we are reading and to learn together.   Reading is also a better pastime right before bed than watching TV.

9. I don’t like fennel.  I am buying produce basket once a week.  This is our second week to get fennel.  This week mine ended up in the garbage.  It was too stressful to figure out a way to cook it.   I am really enjoying the rest of the produce though, especially the variety and the price.

10. Once a week dates are really good.  My husband and I are making a habit of going out once a week whether it is on a long bike ride or even just for lunch or dinner.  Last night we enjoyed eating some scrumptious fish, talking, and getting some shopping done.  It gives us time each week to reconnect with no kids and just talk about us and life here and there.  Last year we had Wednesday evening to ourselves while the kids were in youth group but this summer it was harder to be consistent with having a date night.  Hopefully we can continue this habit when we go back.

What have you learned this month?

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      Hey, TJ! I love your list. Especially about being able to do with few clothes when you like everything you have! (I agree.)

      I loved October too, and I learned that I can DO homeschool this year with a 9th and an 11th grader!

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