Links-October 2013

Links-October 2013

We are finally enjoying some Fall weather here in Texas.  Our time here in the states is going by quickly and it has been delightful reconnecting with friends.  It has been good to be settled in one place for the month.  It has been really good to just be able to take some time to rest and refresh and read.  So here is a little bit from my reading this month.

At SimpleMom, Tsh talked about Seldom Have Truer Words Been Said. 

At I Take Joy, Ann Voscamp guest posted When Its Hard to Find Time for God and Prayer.  It made me rethink how I spend my day and what could be changed to make prayer more of a priority.

At Provocations and Pantings, Tim Brister wrote a post called He Laid Hold of Their Feet.  He states a case for why the disciples after Pentecost were so focused on the mission and not on themselves.  The questions for me is, “How does it apply to me?”  I am trying to work on that one.

Some bloggers are doing a monthly challenge of blogging for 31 days straight in October.  Maybe I will do it next year but for now here are two bloggers I am following for the month.

Wanda at Peaches and Beaches is doing 31 Days of Teenagers.  I have enjoyed her thoughts on teens and parenting them.

Anne at the Modern Mrs. Darcy is doing 31 Days of Cult Classics.   Today she recommended a favorite of mine Bride and Prejudice,  a Bollywood movie based on Pride and Prejudice.

What are some posts you have enjoyed this month?

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