Continued Lessons from My Healing Foot

Continued Lessons from My Healing Foot

Back in May playing volleyball with friends, I broke my leg.  At first we just thought it was a bad sprain but x-rays confirmed the break.  After 6 weeks in a boot, I started learning to walk again.  The trouble was my bone had healed but my ankle muscles and tendons had been stationary for too long.  My flexibility was all gone.  It really was slightly depressing.  I wanted life to get back to normal.  I wanted to run, jump and play basketball with my son.  So began the last few months of doing physical therapy to get my mobility fully back.  Currently, I am trying to faithfully do my exercises and walking or biking everyday.   My mobility is not fully back.  I can tell when the weather is changing.  I sometimes have a limp, but I can walk and bike.  I even did some hiking one weekend but was sore for a few days afterward.  Some days I am impatient and want my foot to be all normal.  Other days I realize it is a process I need to go through and it wouldn’t hurt me to learn a few lessons along the way.  So here are the lessons I am learning.

1. Many of our hurts are hidden and not noticeable to others.  My foot looks normal.  The majority of the time I walk normal.   It made me think of others who are really hurting physically, emotionally or spiritually not just a little discomfort like my foot but really hurting and we don’t really see.  They look fine on the outside but inside they are hurting.  It could be a disease that leaves a friend fatigued.  It could be a friend is struggling in her marriage or with a bad situation at work.  It could be a student who is going through a tough time because a parent is ill.  My prayer is that I can be more sensitive to the hurts of others, and God can use me in helping them in their healing process.

2. Some days it hurts and others days you almost forget that you are still in the healing process.  I wake up one day and almost feel like I could go running.  Others days I begin with a limp.   Grief is kind of like that.  Some days you are blinded by your loss.  Other days life seems like normal and then you are reminded that life is not normal.   A song plays on the radio.  A memory is triggered by a date or event.  My prayer is that I can be more aware of those who are grieving and give grace.  It is also a reminder to me that when I am grieving, I need to give myself grace.

3. Healing takes daily work.  It takes personal discipline.  My healing progresses when I do my daily exercises.  When I work at exercising and pushing my foot to get better.  The same goes with emotional healing.  Someone betrays us.  Someone hurts us with words or hurts our family.   We forgive today.  We forgive tomorrow.  Each day we lay our hurts before God and ask not only for our forgiveness for the bitterness that wants to creep in but that we will forgive those who have hurt us.  It is a daily thing.  It takes work but it does work because God is faithful.

4. Healing takes time.  I think we all realise this when it comes to physical healing.  Bones and muscles don’t just heal overnight.  With emotional or spiritual healing, we often think it should happen overnight.  We might tell ourselves that it’s over and I’ve given it to God so all should be good.  On the other side, we may see a friend who is still hurting and think he or she should just get over it.   We forget healing takes time.  My friend needs grace not judgement.  My prayer is that I will lean on the side of grace and that grace will point them to a Saviour who gives us all grace.

Dear God of all grace,  So often I do not see those who are hurting.  So often I am not sensitive to those around me.  Help me to see as you see.  Help me to give grace and love to those who are hurting.  Give me words when I need to give words and keep me silent when words would get in the way.  May I always direct others to you as the great physician.  In Jesus name, Amen

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