Things Learned in August

Things Learned in August

Once again I am linking up with Emily at Chatting at the Sky in what I have learned this month.  Up to a 100 or more bloggers link up and share what they have learned.  It has been fun for me to reflect on my month and see what I have learned as well as learn from the other bloggers’ lessons.  Some of the things listed are fun, others tug at your heart, and many make you think.  So here is my list for the month.  

1.  This summer Big D and I watched a lot of NCIS.  On the show, Gibbs has a list of rules that either he or the rest of the team try to follow or mention now and then.  I decided to see if anyone had ever written them all down.  If you are interested you can find Gibb’s list here.  It is amusing that the writers sometimes have two different rules for one number.

2. Extra time with one child can be good for both of you.  Big D and I spent a lot of time together this summer for better or for worse.  He is a teen now and so communication takes more work but is worth it when I get it right.  We had a fun trip back to the states together even with a 10 hour layover in Dubai.  It might have helped that I let him eat pretty much whatever he wanted on our layover.   I am also glad that he wasn’t too old to put his head on my shoulder as he slept on our long flight.

3. I missed my daughter more than I realised.  I am so proud of how she is growing into a godly young lady.  I can see God working in her as she makes decisions and I am thankful.   Our past two weeks have been full of shopping, eating too much good food and starting school.  I am loving her zest for life and considering her both a friend and daughter.

4. Having a teenage driver isn’t as scary as I thought it would be.  I did send her out with her uncle for a test run before I let her drive on our road trip at 65 miles per hour.  She is still getting use to driving the Expedition and driving 65 miles per hour but she has a good start, and we are still alive.  

5. I have not been back to the states in over two years.  In some ways, I feel like I never left and in others I feel out of place.  I remember how to drive and get places (mostly) but am a little overwhelmed by all the choices.  I am enjoying time with family but not really sure how to talk about my time overseas.   I am trying to figure out life here and where other people are at so I am attempting to do more listening than talking. 

6.  Having older kids makes it possible for my sister and I to go on sister outings without children in tow.  While visiting my sister, we were able to go on a bike ride and then shopping to update her wardrobe.  We laughed, got caught up on each others’ lives, and had fun trying on clothes.  The cousins enjoyed the independence and picked up right where they left off two years ago.  It was a blessing to reconnect.  

7. Traveling with two teens is fun but challenging.  On our trip from Tennessee to Illinois, our borrowed GPS went wacko on us and started spouting off roads we were not even close to.  Through God’s grace, my memory of the trip, an atlas and Big D looking up our location on my phone, we made it to my sister’s safely.  Our trip to Iowa was a bit better.  Using a atlas is a new skill for them.  We only missed one turn but another way worked just as well.  Pray for us and our travels as next week we are heading out to Idaho to meet up with my husband.   When Big D and W were little, they often watched movies to occupy their time, now we talk, sing and they even did a bit of school.   On our next leg, I am hoping we can listen to an audio book.

8. I am not out of style.  I was worried that I would feel out of place with my wardrobe but it seems most anything goes. My style is more on the classic side so that is good.  I have enjoyed investing in a few new things and even found a pair of jeans I think I will like.  Since I have lived in a land of no shorts and sleeveless, I am enjoying wearing both especially since Iowa is really hot right now.  

9. I have been a little to lax with some things this summer and need to step up the discipline.  As a family, we have drank too much soda.  Since my kids are teens, it is a balance between helping them find their own limits and having strict rules.  The same goes with exercising and watching TV.  We have more options here and need to take advantage of that.  I know it starts with me setting the example and also setting limits for them as their mom.

10. I love being at mom’s. I already knew this but it is a good reminder.  My mom lives in the country in Iowa.  It is green.  It is peaceful.  I have no expectations.  My days have been spent doing school with the kids, exercising, and getting work done.  Our evenings have been full of playing games together, reading and even catching up on a few TV shows.  Mom has spoiled us with meals from her garden and making us feel at home here.  Mom and I play scrabble and so far the total is 1:1.  

What are some things you have learned this month?

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      My mom always made sure she took each of us kids out for a one-on-one special "date night," which we loved. Good for you!

      And thank you so much for your comment on my blog, TJ! Glad you enjoyed the post.

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      Hi TJ! Thanks for posting your things you learned! I'm visiting from Emily's blog. Where are you living overseas? Interesting that you are in Iowa. I live in Ankeny! Where does your mom live? Such a small world. I can relate to all you are going through with your teens. My "kids" are 25(married), 23 and 20. I don't know how that happened! Blessings to you!

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