Looking Forward and Looking Back 2013

In 3 days, Big D and I head to the states to join my daughter W.  It will be our first visit back in two years.  In many ways, we are excited and in other ways, we are bit apprehensive.   Overall, it is time- time to reconnect with family and friends, time to regroup, time to share, and time to learn what God is doing in a different place.  So what am I looking forward to?  I am so glad you asked.  Here is my list of the 10 ten things I am looking forward to.

10. Driving.  I don’t drive here and in some ways I miss the independence.  Now I might change my mind after our first few road trips but at this moment I am looking forward to driving.

9. Crushed ice. 🙂  Sometimes its the simple things.  It might not hurt if it is a Sonic Cherry Limeade with crushed ice.

8. Bagged Spinach.  I love spinach but it takes me a long time to clean.

7. Taking walks.  Maybe even taking walks by myself.  Maybe taking walks with my honey or friends. I walk here some but it is usually as a form of transportation not enjoyment.  

6. Wearing capri pants or even sleeveless shirts if it is warm enough.  

5. Eating the stash of frozen blackberries in my mom’s freezer.  

4. Libraries if I can figure out how to get a library card.  I love my kindle but it would be nice to read some paper books and do so for free.

3. Holding my husband’s hand in public.  (Not something that is encouraged here.)

Now for my top two:

2. Worshipping freely.

1. Reconnecting and experiencing life with family and friends and seeing W.  

But then these are the 10 things that I will miss…

10. The slower pace of life

9. Fresh Naan

8.  The challenges of communicating in a different language

7. Experiencing the hospitality of our friends and coworkers.

6.  Coca Cola- I know they sell Coke in the states but somehow it tastes better here.  Rumor has it that they use real sugar instead of corn syrup.

5. Having someone else buy most of my groceries and wash most of my dishes for me.

4. Qabli Palau with sabzi.

3. The international aspect of our community here.

2. My students at the international school.

1. Our team here.  Our team has become like family.  We have been through good times and bad together and are stronger for it.