Engaging in Your World

Engaging in Your World

This summer has been mostly at home by choice.  June was spent healing and not wanting to navigate in our city on crutches.  July has been settling in to a different house (not the one pictured above) and not wanting to go out in the heat with all the necessary coverings.  I have enjoyed my summer at home. I am a teacher who loves being a homebody during her breaks.  In many ways, I am content with my quiet, slow summer.  In others ways, I know I need balance.  I need to engage with those on my team, with nationals, and other friends here for the summer.  Engaging means more work.  It means my nice schedule will get messy.  It means reaching out and at times being out of my comfort zone.  It might mean communicating in broken language and having times of silence.

Engaging in my world also brings blessings.  It can be meeting with two friends each week and sharing what we are learning and trying to apply as we read Unglued by Lysa Terkeust together.  Each week we are reminded we aren’t all alone in our struggles.  Another blessing when I was able to pray with a national friend for her family in my broken second language.  Other blessings have included reconnecting with team members who have come back to help for the summer and being part of a hodge podge small group.  By hodge podge, I mean only God could have brought us all together and it is just the right mix.

So as my days turn into weeks and my summer comes to a close, my prayer is that I will find and keep this balance in my life of enjoying my alone time and engaging in my world.

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      Hi TJ, I can so relate. My summer is quiet too. It's too hot to be out in the afternoons and many friends go out of town. I ALSO find myself settling comfortably into time alone at home to take care of projects. But like you, I'm seeking to engage as well. Thanks for your words.

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