Links-June 2013

Links-June 2013

June is going by fast but my days have been relaxing and slow.  It has been nice to not have a lot on my plate and my healing foot gives me an excuse to say no.  I do have three goals maybe four for summer. 
1. Get my foot healed.
2. Move which means packing, possibly overseeing some painting etc, and the actual moving part.
3. Work on language.  Right now I have three hours of lessons a week and so far am finding some time each day to at least work on vocabulary.
4.?  Once the moving is done, Big D and I might get a head start on school but we will see.  

Here are my favorite links for this month.  

The first one is from Chatting at the Sky: One Thing Your Daughter Doesn’t Need You to Say.
Emily talks about how we often tell our teens to be an example when instead we need to encourage them to be themselves and let God do his work.  She says, 
Here’s what I came up with: She isn’t supposed to be an example. Her friends don’t need an example, they need a friend. A real one. An honest one. A touchable one. They  need a friend who doesn’t think she’s better than everyone, but one who knows she isn’t. They need a friend who knows she needs Jesus.”

Here’s another one from Storyline blog: A Surprising Way to Become More Generous.
Great word for where I am right now.

Great reminder from Becoming Minimalist: Don’t Forget the Past.  Learn From It.
If we start asking the right questions, there are countless life-giving lessons we can learn from our past. Never feel that you have to be defined by it. But it would be equally foolish to forget it completely when it offers so much potential for the present.”

I must confess I have been way to competitive over the years in too many things but as I get older, I am realising that collaboration might be a better approach.  Courtney Carver says much the same thing  in her post Choose Collaboration Over Competition for Better Business and Relationships.

Lastly what if we had a insane prayer life.  We have insanity workouts (not that I have tried them).  Why not an insane prayer life?  This is just what Tony Merida suggests in his post Learning from An Insane Prayer Life.

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