7 + Lessons I Learned in June

Today I am linking up with Chatting At the Sky as she does her lessons learned in June.  Each month she writes a blog about what she has learned that month.  This month she invited others to join in.   I thought it would be fun to link up.  I like lists and many of my posts have to do […]

Lessons from My Broken Foot

(image from orthotape) Supposedly I am one week away from getting out of my boot.  My boot looks pretty much like the one above, but mine doesn’t have the cute blue thing and is slightly big on me.  My boot and crutches are hand-me downs from a teenage boy who broke his foot last summer.  Since I can’t really go […]

Here in This Place I Learned to Dance

We are near the end of our fourth year overseas.  I would say it has been the hardest and most stretching four years of my life but also the most rewarding.  On one side, you see the beggars and the run down buildings and your heart aches.  On other side, you see educated young people thriving at their job and […]

Links-June 2013

June is going by fast but my days have been relaxing and slow.  It has been nice to not have a lot on my plate and my healing foot gives me an excuse to say no.  I do have three goals maybe four for summer.  1. Get my foot healed. 2. Move which means packing, possibly overseeing some painting etc, […]

Somewhere over the Ocean

As I write this, my daughter is somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean heading for a summer of adventure. A summer where she will figure out what life is like in America, where she will make some of her own choices, and where she can learn to drive.  What seemed like a good idea in January is still a right idea […]

Quotes-May 2013

I have a confession to make.  I love quotes.  I love writing them down in my journal.  The reason I do these posts once a month is for me.  It gives me a reason to look back on what I thought was important in the last month.  It also makes it a lot easier to find the quote later since […]