Giants in my Land

I have three giants that are in my land.
1. Finishing the last three weeks of school.
2. My house helper hasn’t been showing up for work.
which brings me to number three.

It all started on Friday, our day off.  All of us except for my dear husband were participating in a volleyball tournament, each on different teams.  W and Big D were on youth group teams and I was on one of our organization’s teams.  The weather was beautiful.  We were all at a compound that had two volleyball courts set up and a fountain that the young ones could play in.  My team was doing well.  We won our first two rounds and were in the midst of our third round playing against the school I work at.  The other team was ahead and I was at the net.  I went up to hit a ball over the net and the next thing I know I hear a pop and I am on the ground.  As the pain sets in, I panic.  I have a broken bone here.  But in God’s grace, there were also doctors and nurses there who looked me over and are pretty sure it is not broken but I will be in recovery for a few weeks or more.

So my third giant is my ankle.  Yikes!!  This makes my other giants look bigger.  Enter more of God’s grace.  Fellow teachers covered my classes on Saturday (yes we have school on Saturday but that is another story.) so I could stay home and keep my foot elevated.  As I lay home, feeling much better than Friday, I was reading in I Samuel about David and Goliath.  He wasn’t afraid of the giants because of who his God was.   I wrote my three giants in my journal.  Now I know it might seem silly seeing no house helper on the list but my house helper makes it possible for me to teach and still take care of my family especially during this time of year as I have many extra things at school and with our team.  So as I was praying my friend next door called.  Her call was an answer to prayer- a lady to help get my house back in order and a boot to give my ankle support.   So for a bit, my giants didn’t look quite so big. It was also a great reminder that God will provide somehow and someway.

Sunday came and I went to school.  I made it through the day but came home with my ankle more swollen.  As I woke up that night and wasn’t able to go back to sleep, my ankle giant kept getting bigger and bigger.  One side of my brain said take one day at a time and trust.  The other side had all sorts of what ifs’.  What if I had to have surgery?  What if I had to leave the country?  As morning came, I talked to my husband before he left for his flight.  We talked of how as a family and with God’s help, we could handle any what ifs’.  It helped to share my burden and worries and even cry a bit.  It helped to cast all my cares on the one who is sovereign in all things.

So right now, my giants are still there.  I have God on my side.  I have my family, coworkers and team on my side.  Tomorrow I go for x-rays and then hopefully we can find someone who can read them correctly.   Only one and a half weeks of school left.  We can do this.  But if you are willing, I would love for you to pray for quick healing for my ankle and special grace for W and Big D who are having to put in a bit more work than normal.

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