Links May 2013

May has been full: Big D’s play, W’s last basketball game, banquet for the Juniors. and Seniors, good bye parties, and today is graduation.  Thankful that in the midst of it all we had some quiet days to regroup and reconnect.  On a side note, I am still on crutches.  I found out my foot had a fracture so the […]

Giants in my Land

I have three giants that are in my land. 1. Finishing the last three weeks of school. 2. My house helper hasn’t been showing up for work. which brings me to number three. It all started on Friday, our day off.  All of us except for my dear husband were participating in a volleyball tournament, each on different teams.  W […]

Hitting the Rock-Numbers 20

In the morning, the kids and I have been reading through The Story.  Last week we read the chapter about how Moses and Aaron were not allowed into the Promised Land because they did not honor God as God.  The story takes place in Numbers 20 as the Israelites were wandering their extra 40 years in the wilderness due to […]

Lessons from my Rose Bushes-Take Two

This afternoon I looked out my window and was pleasantly surprised to see one of my rose bushes in full bloom. Now most of my rose bushes are in the stage below and will probably bloom sometime this week.  But right now the pink roses are shining forth all by themselves.  I was thinking about how we are all in […]

Plugging into the Right Source

Where I live the electricity can do funny things to your electronics if a person is not careful.  Sometimes we have too much electricity, sometimes just a bit, sometimes none and even sometimes just the right amount.  Our house has a regulator to help the flow stay consistent so that my refrigerator and other electronics don’t get fried by a […]

Quotes- April 2013

April brought us lots of rain and news of changes to come.  It was a month of ups and downs, of learning and finding those places that need fixed.  So here are the words that spoke to my heart this month. From Ann Voscamp at A Holy Experience on April 10, 2013: “You can’t be everyone’s Savior but you can […]