Links-April 2013

The last week has been filled with training.  First I was involved in a SYIS (Sharpening your interpersonal skills) workshop followed by a ladies retreat.  My mind is full of many things that I hope to go back to and study more closely in the weeks to come.  In spite of the days being draining, it was less tiring than […]

Hanging onto Hope and Psalm 71

(from The absence of hope, I see it in the eyes of the beggar children tugging on my sleeve desperate for me to give them something.  I hear it in the comment of a student who has lost family when he says, “what if we die by then…”  I feel it in the desperation of a father’s question as […]

Teaching Tips from I Corinthians 13

(From Teaching brings out the best and worst in me.   Some days I feel like I have hit a home run.  My students are engaged and understanding what we are learning.  Other days I feel like I strike out.   I do everything I can to explain a concept and I get no where.  Or the students decide […]

Quotes-March 2013

This mural was made by students at my school the week before Spring break.  Each month we learn about a character trait so those traits are in creatively displayed on the wall of our program.  So I noticed that I haven’t shared my quotes in a few months so hopefully I won’t list too many. From Charles Spurgeon: “He who […]