What the Rest of My Family Read in 2012

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Our whole family likes to read.  As the children have gotten older, it has been fun to read the same books at the same time.  One of the benefits of e-books from Amazon is that Winter and I can be reading the same book on our kindles as the boys on their devices, all for the price of one book.  I already
gave my favourite books for the year here so now for my family’s favourites.

1. The Chiveis Trilogy by Bryan Liftin
We started out listening to this series off a free audiobook  I had received and then we were hooked.  This three book series is about a future world where civilization as we know it no longer exists and the Bible has been lost and forgotten.  In this medieval-type world, Ana and Tao discover a Bible but only the first half is still intact.  In the midst of nonstop adventure, these two follow God’s leading, make their own mistakes, and see how God can use each of us in our weaknesses.

2. Little America: The War Within The War for Afghanistan by Rajiv Chandrasekaran
My DH read this book to get a better idea of what was really going on in Afghanistan.  He found the book did a good job of trying to present all sides.

3. From the Garden to the City by John Dyer
My DH and I both read this book last summer.  The book covers the history of technology and how it has affected life through the ages.  The author John Dyer gives tools to evaluate technology and explains how technology is not neutral as it affects us all in some way.  How does technology affect how we process information?  Does it affect us going deeper in relationships and in learning?  For two people who really like their technology, it gave us much to think about.

4. Divergent Series by Veronica Roth
This YA series is set in a time where people are defined by their factions.  Each factions lives in a different part of town and has a different function.  The story follows a girl named Beatrice and later renamed Tris as she chooses her faction and finds herself fighting for her life.  Not everything is peaceful as it seems as Tris and her friends find out and try to fight for what is right.  It is a three book series with the last book out in Fall 2013.

5. Beyond the Event Horizon by Scott McElhaney
A Christian Sci-Fi that both my husband and daughter enjoyed.

6. Secrets of Roux Bayou series by Kathy Herman
My husband, daughter and I enjoyed this series set in Louisiana by one of our favourite authors.  This three book series was a fast paced thriller full of forgiveness, making new friends, and finding out what really matters.

7. Mark of the Lion Series by Francine Rivers
W read this series this summer on recommendation by her violin teacher.  The books take you back into the time of the early church, the collesium, and what it would be like being a Jewish slave girl named Haddasah working for Roman family.  I remember when I read the series how much some parts reminded me of society today.  Great historical read that makes you evaluate how you live your life today plus it has lots of twists and turns in the plot.

What are some of your family favourites?

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