Links-March 2013

Links-March 2013

Spring is in the air even though we still need a bit of heat in the mornings and evenings.  Spring break is just a week away and there is a spring in my step.   I find myself more doing some spring cleaning and other projects instead of being at my computer but here are a few blogs that caught my eye this past month.

A Young Idealist thoughts: Struggle Less for Ideas and More for People

Some thoughts on faith from Zack Hunt at The American Jesus.net.
“Faith embraces our deepest doubts, faces them head on and chooses to believe it anyway.  We have faith because we doubt.  If we didn’t doubt, we wouldn’t have faith.  We would have knowledge.”

If you like to put things off or procrastinate like I often do, then These Three Words are for you.  Now if I could just apply these words to my dirty dishes.

From Christine Hoover at Desiring God: A Weak Mother is a Good Mother
The most important thing I can do for my children each day is to trust God, acknowledge my weakness, not rely on myself.  He will take my meagre offering and turn it into a miracle. 

Something for those days when You Don’t Feel Qualified for Your Calling from Jon Bloom at Desiring God.

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