As I Prepare for Easter

This week I have been on Spring break from school.  Due to my husband’s job, we stayed in country which was a perfect fit for me and the kids.  It also gave me time to regroup since we are nearing the end of the third quarter.  Spring break started with me feeling angry, disillusioned, and weary.   Sleep, time with […]

Lessons from a Lego Blanket

Last year a friend of mine advised me to find a hobby where I used my hands.  I was feeling a bit stressed and down and not sure why.  Another friend was encouraging me to learn to crochet.  So I decided to give crocheting a try.  I started with a few wash cloths and even a case for my itouch […]

Links-March 2013

Spring is in the air even though we still need a bit of heat in the mornings and evenings.  Spring break is just a week away and there is a spring in my step.   I find myself more doing some spring cleaning and other projects instead of being at my computer but here are a few blogs that caught […]

Following the Recipe As Written

Yesterday as I was making eggplant lasagne, I decided to take my time and do it right instead of rushing through the steps.  I sauted the onions and garlic then added the the tomatoes and basil letting the sauce simmer on the stove as I prepared the rest of the ingredients.  I even salted and rinsed the eggplant slices.  Why? […]

Unsolicited Advice on Unsolicited Advice

(photo by my DH) I have a friend who is expecting a baby sometime this month.  Baby’s bring out many opinions on how you should have the baby, what kind of schedule the baby should have or even about breastfeeding or not.  Right now my friend is feeling a little overwhelmed by all the unsolicited advice.  It’s not that she […]

What the Rest of My Family Read in 2012

(Books by Shutterhacks on Flickr) Our whole family likes to read.  As the children have gotten older, it has been fun to read the same books at the same time.  One of the benefits of e-books from Amazon is that Winter and I can be reading the same book on our kindles as the boys on their devices, all for […]