Links-February 2013

Links-February 2013

The weather here is warming up and the snow is melting.  So far it hasn’t turned into too big of a muddy mess.  February seems to be going slow for being the shortest month of the year but we are pressing on.  Valentine’s day was a nice day of hanging out with my husband complete with a trip to the eye glass store to replace my broken glasses and being my husband’s assistant as he made homemade noodles for our supper.

Here are a few of my favorite reads for the month.

I really liked this quote from the INCourage blog by Tsh.
“It’s the hard repetitive challenges that build and shape me into a character worth reading.”  Great admonishment as I deal with my students daily.  You can read more here.

I think I will be going back to this blog from Francine Jay at Huffington Post on a 10 piece wardrobe next fall when we go back to the states.

From Experimental Theology is a post Prayer as an Act of Hallowing. 

Great word for all wives not matter what ministry God has called us to from Christine Hoover at Desiring God.

Lysa just calls it like it is as she exhorts us to remember that an opinion is not the same as truth.

Happy Reading.  TJ

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