Going in a Forward Direction

Last night there wasn’t a car available when Big D and I went to leave school.   Waiting in the cold did not sound like fun so we decided to head towards home and maybe we would meet the car.  I always feel better when I am at least making progress towards my destination.  The car never appeared but we enjoyed the snowy mountains in the distance, sidestepping puddles and stopping to get a treat.  We made it home feeling like we had exercised a bit and thankfully were greeted by a warm fire my husband had made.  Forward motion or at least motion makes us feel like we are making progress.  Take for example, traffic jams,  is it always faster time wise to get off the road and take a detour?  You never know but you feel better that you are at least moving.  There are some personal goals or destinations that I would like to get to in my life but I am not there yet.  Sometimes I am hijacked by my emotions or attitudes and stuck in a traffic jam.  Other times, I am being detoured because something else is needing more attention.  What I dread the most is turning around and going back instead of going forward.  Luckily I have a GPS called the Holy Spirit if I will use him to guide my steps in a forward direction.

I wish I was a person who had no trouble reaching out to others and it didn’t bother me when others didn’t reach out to me.  I am a person who craves time alone yet longs to have a few deep friendships.  Reaching out to others can be overwhelming but my forward motion is my husband and I reaching out to another couple at our school.  I am also making more of an effort of investing into another lady in my community.

I wish I was a mom and teacher whose speech is “always full of grace, seasoned with salt.”  This is one area I find myself going backwards on way too often.  My forward motion is remembering that “God’s mercies are new every morning” and to say less and say it calmer taking action if needed.

I wish I was a mom who always had a servant’s heart that didn’t mind cooking supper every night and cleaning up the kitchen as an act of love.  I had two days like that this week but by the end of the week I was tired and dealing with dishes that hadn’t been rinsed by others.  I wasn’t feeling very full of love or grace.  My forward motion is just taking each day one at a time and remembering that my family often likes the simple meals best.  I am also going to try to be more thankful I don’t have to do dishes everyday since I have a teen daughter who helps when she is not over loaded with homework and a house helper that comes in a few times a week.

Just a few thoughts for the week as I  remember that God is not finished with me yet and His finished product will be better than I can imagine.

Dear God, Thank you for your spirit that you have given to teach and guide us.  May I listen to his voice and follow his leading.  May my thoughts and speech be acceptable in your sight.  May your light shine through me.  In Jesus name, Amen

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      I miss you, Teresa–
      You know, I admire you. I would want to be a wife/mother like you, if that path ever comes my way . . .

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      You are missed too. I will pray if that is your desire that God will lead you down that path. I am thinking that you have done plenty of mothering though in the many roles God has given you in the last few years. Blessings on your next adventure.

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