Surrender and Living Well

Don’t you love how God often talks to us through our bible reading, words from a friend and even from old sermon notes.   I was going through the notes on my i touch such as lists for what we needed to buy when we were out of the country, movie wish lists and sermon notes.  I came across a sermon called “Living Well Here” and I am not even sure who the sermon was given by.  In fact I am sure there was more than one point but I only had one listed.  The best way to live well here is surrender.  My notes defined surrender as acknowledging there is a God and it is not me.  What a perfect reminder of my goal for the year-surrender.  Each day beginning the day by acknowledging that God is God and I am not.  Living each day by r
emembering that God is in control so I don’t need to be.  It is not a perfect fit but it is a work in progress as it will most likely always be.  My notes also had this statement, “Surrender is the garden where obedience grows not the other way around.”  I am not really sure exactly what that means but here is a thought.  When I surrender to God, my heart, soul and body are more attuned to his will and ways which results in obedience.  When I obey, God wants me to not just do what is right but to do it with and in his strength.  I can obey without surrender but I can’t truly surrender without obedience.   What do you think?

My notes ended with a reminder to increase my God awareness.  So this week I am looking to see God as I go about my day.  What things will I have to add to my list of gifts?  What words can I use to express what God has done for me?  Today this sounds easy but as I head into my second week back at school, I know I will only be able to do it in surrender to God and his strength.