For the past three weeks we have been on a much needed break from Central Asia.  We were able to do some skiing and also go on a cruise. In the midst of all the touristy stuff, we had some days where I could reflect and pray and spend time with God.   It was great to have time to think through the past year and what my goals are for the coming year.  Each year I try to come up with a verse or word to describe my goal or resolution.  As I wrote and prayed, I thought about how I want to be an intentional woman so why not the word “intentional”.  Or maybe “renovation”, since God is in the process of renovating my heart.   But then I heard the word “surrender”.   Surrender, really?  Doesn’t that sound a little cliche?  How do you measure surrender anyway?  As I thought back on many of my struggles these past few months, I realised if I had surrendered to my will and plans, life would have been much better.  Looking back there have been too many days where I was doing all the right things but my heart and my mind were not where they needed to be.  In order to truly love God with all my heart, soul and mind they need to be fully surrendered to Him.

So in some ways, it is a simple prayer each day surrendering my day, my words, me to the God of the universe.  At other times, it is not running ahead with plans for the future and all the things I want to do but laying my dreams and ideas down before the Lord.   It is getting on my knees when my attitude stinks and I want my own way.  Surrender includes so many things.  It is surrendering my children to the Lord as they grow in their independence and are making some of their own decisions.  It is surrendering all my insecurities and hangups that get in the way of me having deeper relationships.  It is surrendering unrealistic expectations and being content with who God has made me to be.  It is surrendering to him the good times and the bad.  
Galatians says “I am crucified with Christ…”
The Gospels say “Let him deny himself, take up his cross and follow me…”
Romans ask us “to offer our bodies as a living sacrifice…”
Scriptures point us to the God who wants all of me-a total surrender.

So this year I want to daily surrender who I am to the God who created me and saved me and is not finished with me yet.  

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