Links-January 2013

Links-January 2013

This week will be our first full week back at school this year.  The kids have been ready to learn and so far on their best behavior.  I am hoping that last through the week.  W and Big D both received good marks their report cards from last semester which keeps things less stressful around here.  The weather has been cold but the days have been sunny.  In fact right now I am enjoying some sun in a chair by our back windows.  It is enough heat to put off lighting our wood stove until evening.  When I start to get cold, it motivates me to exercise.  Our first week back in country was challenging more so for my dear husband than for me.  He was busy all week fixing the electricity, the hot water heater and other odds and ends as well as going back to work.  So thankful for that man and his love for God and his family.

Here are a few links I enjoyed this month.
The first link is from a website called Becoming Minimalist and is The 10 Most Important Things to Simplify in Your Life.  I am hoping to explore this blog more in the next month.  This past week I read their book Simplify.  It was a short read with lots of good information and inspiration.  My give away pile is growing.

As a mom, I was grateful for these reminders from Sarah Mae on 8 Ways to Nurture a Child’s Soul.

A great reminder on grace from Jon Bloom at Desiring God in his post, When A Rock Sunk Slowly.

Lastly, I love this Sanity Manifesto from Ann Voscamp at A Holy Experience.  This is going up in my room.

Hope your month is going well and you are staying warm.  TJ

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