Links-January 2013

This week will be our first full week back at school this year.  The kids have been ready to learn and so far on their best behavior.  I am hoping that last through the week.  W and Big D both received good marks their report cards from last semester which keeps things less stressful around here.  The weather has been […]

Surrender and Living Well

Don’t you love how God often talks to us through our bible reading, words from a friend and even from old sermon notes.   I was going through the notes on my i touch such as lists for what we needed to buy when we were out of the country, movie wish lists and sermon notes.  I came across a […]

Favorite Books-2012

One of my favorite things at the beginning of the year is to go back and look at the books I read the past year.  One fun thing about having a kindle is that I am able to go back and review what quotes I have highlighted the past year.   I wish I could say that more of what […]

Lessons from Skiing

I have a love/hate relationship with skiing.  I didn’t go skiing for the first time until I was over 30 and since then have only had two other ski trips.  Our family this past month enjoyed a few days of skiiing in northern Spain.  The weather was great and it was amazing to see how the kids especially Big D […]


For the past three weeks we have been on a much needed break from Central Asia.  We were able to do some skiing and also go on a cruise. In the midst of all the touristy stuff, we had some days where I could reflect and pray and spend time with God.   It was great to have time to […]

Quotes-December 2012

Between Christmas and being on vacation, it has been a while since I have posted.  We are still on vacation but I hope to have time to post some more about favorite books of the year for our family, my New Year’s goals, and thoughts on staying connected.  But for now, here are my favorite quotes of the month. These […]