Quotes-November 2012

Quotes-November 2012

Okay it is not November but things have been a little crazy around here.  Our tree is up, our cards are sent, but my finals are still yet to be made.  Just two weeks until our Winter break and I would say the whole family is ready.  Here are a few quotes from my November reading.

From Ann Voscamp’s post How to Not Miss Your Real Life Calling
“We want clarity- and God gives a call.  We want a road map- and God gives a relationship.  We want answers- and God gives his hand.”

And her post The One Holiday that God Demands is All of Our Days
“Life is a furnace and the faithful live by the Shadrach prayer of only 4 words: “Even if he doesn’t”.  This world doesn’t have anything that can burn down the faith of a heart on fire for God.”

From Renovation of the Heart by Dallas Willard.  Praying for this to happen in my life more and more.
p.136 “Love, joy, peace fostered in divine fellowship simply crowd out fear, anger, unsatisfied desire, woundedness, rejection.  There is no longer room for them-well perhaps there is for a while, but increasingly less so.  Belonging to Christ does not immediately eliminate bad feelings, and we must not be drawn into the pretense that it does.  But it does crucify them.”

p. 144 “Character is revealed most of all in what we feel and do without thinking.  But to a lesser extent it is revealed in what we repent of after thinking and what we then do as a result of repenting.  Thought, feeling, and will give rise to character.”

p. 150 “Andrew Murray comments that”we find the Christian life so difficult because we seek for God’s blessing while we live in our own will.  We should be glad to live the Christian life according to our own liking.”

From Holy Habits: A Woman’s Guide to Intentional Living by Marilyn Wilson
Many of us also spend too much time worrying about what we look like to other believers.  We are concerned with what fruit we are producing, and we do not allow ourselves to become totally engaged with who God is and His desire to dwell within us absolutely.  We obey God out of duty rather than love.”

“Credentials are transient; character is permanent; credentials build memories about what we have done; character builds a legacy for others to follow.  Credentials are locked in one person; character is transferable.  Credentials will get us in the front door; character will keep us there.  Credentials tend to evoke jealousy; character attracts respect and stimulates others to develop character as well.”

Dear God, Thank you that you are so patient with us and love us in our good times and bad.  This month may our hearts and minds be set only on you and you alone. Amen

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