A Christmas Musing

A Christmas Musing

Jesus is the reason for the season but Christmas is so much more.  It is the story of a magnificent God orchestrating a beautiful picture of love to the world in a most unique way.  It’s about God sending angels, controlling censuses, guiding wise men.  It’s about the Holy Spirit working to bring about a baby and bringing words of truth to people waiting for years for the Messiah.  It’s about those who are ready and willing and those who are afraid and scared.  It’s a promise.  It’s God’s work.  It’s Christmas.

The good news is whether we are hurting, scared, worried, content, happy or lonely, Christmas is God’s gift to us.  We can all come to worship at the feet of the Savior whether we are shepherds, housewives, wise men, teachers, children, pilots,  or accountants.  We are all welcome.  I was thinking about how each Christmas is different.  If we seek Him, He is there.  The Christmas I was worried about Big D and his surgery two days later.   The Christmases I was away from family.  Last Christmas when I was sick with a cold and worn out from a long month of surprises.  This Christmas as I sit enjoying a few lazy days with my kids after a full semester.  He is there.  Thankfully He is here also.

So this Christmas, my prayer is that all who seek Him will find him whether they are grieving, lonely, happy or in a great place.

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