A Christmas Musing

Jesus is the reason for the season but Christmas is so much more.  It is the story of a magnificent God orchestrating a beautiful picture of love to the world in a most unique way.  It’s about God sending angels, controlling censuses, guiding wise men.  It’s about the Holy Spirit working to bring about a baby and bringing words of […]

Saying No so I Can Say Yes..

We have come to love the slower pace of life here but there are certain months where life speeds up and before you know it you are exhausted and worn out.  December is often one of those months that is extra busy between finishing up a semester at school, Christmas, and then normal life.  At the beginning of the month […]

Links-December 2012

Break is just one day away with only a few more tests to grade and a few more grades to enter in the electronic gradebook.  This past week especially with all the tragedy in Newtown, I have been thinking about how God wants us to come to him as we are.  Christmas is the perfect example of wise man and […]

Quotes-November 2012

Okay it is not November but things have been a little crazy around here.  Our tree is up, our cards are sent, but my finals are still yet to be made.  Just two weeks until our Winter break and I would say the whole family is ready.  Here are a few quotes from my November reading. From Ann Voscamp’s post […]