Links-November 2012

Links-November 2012

(Photo by Allie Brill)
As the weather gets colder, I am getting excited about the holidays approaching.  For once, I have started thinking and planning and anticipating listening to Christmas music.  The crazy thing is that I have picked up an extra class at school so work has been busier than normal but God in his grace has helped keep things in balance for me and my family.  The three links I picked for this month almost seem totally random but each have their own thing to say.  
The first comes from Wellgrounded Life and is on PMS.  This post reminded me that I had been slacking on eating well and exercising well which could be affecting how well I handle life.  So this month I have been doing a better job of eating right and exercising.  I haven’t given up the caffeine like she suggests but have cut back. She also has some good points about how PMS can help point out areas in our life that need addressing and not to always dismiss things to that time of the month.
Next, Jon at Hands Wide Open has a post called A Healthier, Less Impoverished Planet is Good For Us.  Something to think about when it comes to international aid.

Lastly, from Simple Mom, Tsh talks about When You Don’t Know What to Do Start With The Obvious.   I am saving this one for the next time we are having to make a transition decision.  
What are some favorite posts you have read this month?  
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