A Mom Musing

In this season where we are more focused on what we are thankful for, I have been thinking about how thankful I am for my mom.   One thing that stands out about her is her love for her daughters, son-in -laws and grandchildren and we must not forget her kids at church.   From my mom, I learned to have a love for God’s word, to cook, and that it is okay to be a little crazy now and then.   These past few years, I have seen a strength in her that I am sure was already that but now has an opportunity to shine. Almost two years ago, the love of her life, my dad, died.   He was her daily companion and best friend. Now she is all alone in a big house with one daughter 9 hours away and the other daughter across the ocean.  She has continued her work at church and with the help of good friends taken care of the house and other business that needs to be done.  She exercises and bikes with friends and loves going to her weekly BSF group.  This year she made her first international trip by herself to see us. With just an addition of a head scarf, she fit right in and joined our life here for three weeks.  People here still ask about her and how she is.  It blesses me to see how she continues to trust in God and walk on the path He has for her.  Her journey has taken a new turn but she knows that God is with her and that makes all the difference.

Dear Lord,
Be with my mom this season and give her joy and peace each day.  Fill her with your presence.  Send people her way for her to bless and send people her way to bless her.  Amen

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