P-mail and Other Things Aggie Taught Me

This past month, I have been reading a three book series called Aggie’s Inheritance by Chautona Havig.  The main character Aggie has just inherited 8 children from her sister.  This would be a big task for anyone but for Aggie it is an even bigger task since she has just graduated from college and knows nothing about being a parent.  On top of that, the grandmother in law who is a bit psycho doesn’t see Aggie as a fit guardian.   Aggie isn’t perfect but is determined with God’s help to do the best she can.  Along the journey, God sends people who help her find out who she is and to survive the first year with the kids.  The books made me laugh and cry.  I even learned a few lessons along the way such as…

1.  Pmail is a must.  According to Aggie, these are short prayers mostly sent in desperation but prayers all the same.  Last week as I was bemoaning my school computer not doing what I needed it to, I was reminded I needed to be doing some praying instead of whining.

2. Singing hymns can help change the mood of the singer and those around her.  Aggie’s trade mark is singing hymns that match her circumstances and mood.  It not only changes her but those around her.  Hymns have so many important truths to realign my thinking.   I don’t know the words of all the hymns like Aggie does but have enjoyed listening to hymns more as I go about the house.

3. It is important to be who God made me to be.  Throughout the books, Aggie struggles trying to be a mother to the 8 kids.  Things get better when she discovers that she doesn’t have to do things like her sister Allie would.  She is not Allie.  She is Aggie with her own sets of strengths and weaknesses.  As I am a mother, teacher, friend, I need to remember its okay to be me.  God will use me best when I am me  and not trying to be someone else.

4. Pity parties get your focus in the wrong place.  Aggie had a lot of pity parties. Who wouldn’t with raising 8 kids and being overwhelmed?  Right?  But when Aggie was focused on what was going wrong, she was blinded to what was going right.  Yikes!!  I can relate.  How often I get down on myself and can’t see what the truth is.  Yes, I probably need to change a few things in my life but a pity party doesn’t help me do that.

If you are interested in learning more about Aggie and her nieces and nephews, below are the links to the three books.  (These are affiliate links which means if you want to the buy the book and go through this link, I get a few cents toward the next book I buy.)


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