Making Decisions

Making Decisions

Last week I was feeling pushed into making a decision I did not want to make.  I was frustrated that the person had not been more forthright from the beginning about what he/she wanted and was feeling backed into a corner.  I was torn between two choices.   Neither choice was right or wrong, I was just feeling like by making one choice I was leaving friends doing what I should be doing.  My feelings were hijacked and tears were feeling my eyes.  I had an email ready to send but thankfully it instead went into the draft folder.  Then God in his goodness whispered, “Call your husband.”  So I texted my husband to call me when he could.  And in God’s timing, my husband called me right away.  I told him what was happening hoping to get clarity on what I should do.  He lovingly said that he would take care of it.  My husband knew my heart and would help me make the right choice for our family.  And he did.  He clarified the situation and as a family we stuck to our original decision.   If I would have said no at first, I would have felt rebellious.  If I would have said yes, I would have felt resentful.  Instead I said, “no” with a peace that I was doing the right thing.  I had sought God and the advice of my husband.  By my husband talking to the person involved, my emotions were taken out of the equation.   We communicated with the person involved and a decision was made with no hard feelings.

I often feel rushed into making decisions that I later regret.  Instead of feeling rushed, I need to learn to step back, breath, pray.  I need to seek God and his timing.   I am blessed with a husband who supports me and helps make me make decisions.  On my side, I need to make sure not to burden my husband with decisions that I can make on my own such as what to fix for supper but know that there are times when I need his advice and counsel.  

Dear God, You are timeless.  You are never in a hurry.  Help me to take my time when it comes to decisions and to seek you in all things.  Give me wisdom for the decisions I will face this week.   Amen

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