Links-October 2012

Links-October 2012

October has been a busy month for us- visitors, new members on our team, quarter grades due and mood swings.  Here are a few blogs that have challenged me in the last month as I was once again faced with some of rough edges that God is working on in my life.

I live in a Muslim country and when someone insults Islam through films or cartoons, our lives are in limbo for awhile.  David Mathis in his blog The Mocking of Muhammad and Condemning of Christ examines how Islam is based on honor and Christianity is based on our Savior being crucified on a cross.  It gave me much to think about.

 Loving in Deed and in Truth also gave me much to think about in how I relate to the poor who I encounter almost daily where I live.   The author challenged me to be more proactive and less reactive, to be more cheerful and less begrudging.

Sometimes I Talk Too Much.  Do I need to say more?  Lysa has some great reminders.

This last post by Ann Voscamp is just simple and beautiful.  Best Tips for Effective Time Management.  I would love to have these pictures printed out to tape on my non usable fireplace.

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