Prayer Sticks

At breakfast each morning, the kids and I spend sometime working on memorizing Colossians.  It is taking longer than originally planned but this week we will finally finish chapter 3.   As the school year started, I wanted us to do a better job in praying for others.  In the past, we have tried notecards and  keeping a prayer journal.  Some friends of ours keep all their Christmas cards and pray through them each year.   I always make sure they get my Christmas card.  Others I know have a book with pictures of the people they are praying for.  Both of those sound like great ideas but I don’t receive Christmas cards where I live and the picture idea seemed too daunting.  When I saw this idea on pinterest, I thought we should try it.  I covered a oatmeal can with scrapbook paper and then covered it with packing tape.  

Then I put the names of the people we wanted to pray for on popsicle sticks.  We decided to put the names of family, supporters, friends,  team members past and present, and the teachers I worked with on the sticks.  Depending on how much time we have in the morning, each person prays for one to three people/families.  Sometimes the kids won’t remember who the person or family is so it has also been a good way to remember family and friends back home.  Big D especially likes using the prayer sticks and is doing a good job of keeping us on track.

Sorry I don’t have a picture of mine.  I am having trouble posting a picture probably due to my internet.  Here is the link to Lu Bird Baby who had the idea and you can see what her pail looks like.  I must admit that her pail is much classier than mine but ours works.

What are some ideas you have for helping you reach a goal you have for your family?

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