Links-August 2012

Links-August 2012

(pic by TJ 2012)
This month my honey was able to take us flying and this was the view from the air.  It was a breath of fresh air after the summer in our dusty city.   Summer is coming to a close here with school starting on Wednesday.  Hopefully this teacher will be ready.  Here are a few of the blogs that have been helpful for me or made me think.
The first comes from Christian Piatt on 10 Cliches Christians Should Never Use.  It made me think about what I say to those who are hurting or seeking.   
Two other post that also made me think of how best to communicate with others are a post from Christianity Today called Should We Ask Jesus into Our Heart. and another from Lysa Terkeurst called Please Don’t Give Me a Christian Answer
On another note, Momheart talks about Cultivating Home as a Sanctuary.  I am glad God can use all kinds of homes.  
And Ann Voscamp gives advice on The Best Way to Schedule Your Life.  Great reminder as we get ready to start the school year and make decisions about how our family will spend our time.  A similar read is from Desiring God called Don’t Get Organized, Get Enthralled.

Lastly, also from Desiring God is the post When You’re in a Spiritual Storm, Trust Your Instruments.  Being a pilot’s wife, I especially liked the analogy.

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      You have wisdom and insight, T, and I am grateful to you for sharing your own and that of others on your blog. When it's tempting to grow cynical and shallow, in this place, I find your cheery depth to be a shining light 🙂

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