Lessons from My Water Tank

Certain things are different living overseas.  One thing that is different is how we get our water.  We actually have a well in our back yard but our water does not come directly from our well.  First we turn on a water pump that takes the water from the well and puts it in a huge tank on top of our roof.  From the tank, the water is gravity fed into our house.  In order to have any water pressure, we use a water pressure pump when washing dishes or taking showers.  Sounds sort of complicated but really it is not. We have a Chaikidor who takes care of many things for us.  One of those jobs is to keep the water tank from going completely empty.  The Chaikidor knows it is easier to just fill it three or four times a day to make sure it never gets too empty.  This way it takes less time and uses less water at a time from the well.  Last week was Eid, a three celebration at the end of Ramadan and our Chaikidor had the days off to celebrate with his family.  It was his second afternoon off when my daughter informs me that she has no water pressure even though the pressure pump was working.  I suddenly realize that it has been over a day since the water tank has been filled.  Quickly we turn off the pump so it doesn’t burn out and my husband goes outside to turn on the water pump.   After about 30 minutes he stops and then later on that night he finishes the job.  Because we had not filled it regularly, it took much longer for the tank to get full.  The next day we did a much better job of remembering to fill the tank and not let it get so low.

Sometimes life gets really busy like at the beginning of school and we forget to fill our “water tank”.  We don’t realize how low our tank is until we get angry at something small, we feel super stressed, or even just ready to quit.  When I have not tapped into the vine-Jesus regularly. I find myself running on empty and doing things in my own strength.  It is not a pretty picture.  Starting my day off with a full tank is the best way to go not forgetting to fill up at least once more during the day.  Filling up can mean different thing for different people.  I like to start my day in God’s word and praying and journaling.  For me, this is a good way to top off my tank.  I notice the difference in my attitude towards life when I do and don’t do this.  But I find that this can’t keep me all day.  Since I am teaching all day,  I need to find a time to pause and just be still.   I find myself going to my classroom after lunch just 10 minutes before the kids.  I sometimes read something on my i touch like a verse or little devotional but mostly I enjoy just sitting and being still.  Maybe saying a prayer for my next class but mostly listening and reflecting on my day so far.   Refilling my tank for me can also be just sitting and talking with my husband or connecting with my children in some ways.  Some people would call this soul care.  I am trying to do a better job of it so I can do the job God wants me to do the best of my ability and for as long I can.

What do you do to fill your water tank?