Unfriend Yourself- A Book Review

Yourself by Kyle Tennant is a must read.  In the age of social networking, it is important that we understand the technology that we are using and how it affects us.  The author suggests that you unfriend yourself for three days from Facebook as you are reading this short book.  He points out the dangers of social networking but also how it can be used for good.  The author still has a Facebook account so does not recommend boycotting social networking but for us to think through how we are using Facebook and for what purpose.  It gave me much to think about.   Living overseas Facebook has helped me stay in touch and keep up with friends but I have found at times I leave my computer feeling more disconnected.  Why?  I was looking for intimacy where it can’t be found.   The book encouraged me to connect more in other ways with my friends.  The last chapter is especially helpful in suggestions of how to use Facebook.  My favorite was to think of Facebook as a supplement.  It supplements my friendships by letting me know about what is going on with them but it is not the whole extent of that friendship.

Here are a few quotes from the book.
p. 44 “There is a reason we all prefer mediated communication-phones, texts, social media.  It is because they are safe and controlled.  “In some contexts, digital communication has become more “natural” form of communication.  It feels easier, safer, and more efficient than talking face-to-face.”

p. 50 ” In short, the community on Facebook is the lazy kind. Whereas true community requires hard work…”

p. 64 Looking someone in the eye is difficult- and is becoming more difficult, I think, as we learn to relate digitally.  Being honest is hard, being authentic is sometimes terrifying, and relating in the flesh is risky.  Yet when we take a risk and engage in communion, we find life’s simplest and profoundest pleasure-Joy.”

p. 74 “My hope is that we become a generation that questions technology, that chooses to fight for friendships and relationships, and that seeks to use these ever-more-present technologies as opportunities to glorify God.  Social media is a great tool-a tool we must subdue m and not be subdued by.”

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      This is a great commentary. I realize that I've starting doing a lot of facebook messaging, instead of e-mail, prefering to have everything on one site, but the truth is you can't go back and reread an FB message as easily as you can an e-mail. I'm going to drop messaging!!!

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