Quotes-June 2012

Quotes-June 2012

Quotes that encouraged and inspired me this month.

The first is from John Piper’s 1986 Mother’s Day sermon.
Women who hope in God are women who look away from the trouble and miseries and obstacles of life that seem to make the future bleak, and they focus their attention on the sovereign power and love of God who rules in heaven and does what He pleases.”

The second is from Rachel Held Evans in her post called Women of Valor
It is our character that defines us, not our roles.  If the bible teaches us anything about women, it is that women of valor can be found in all kinds of cultures, in all kinds of roles, and in all kinds of circumstances.”

From Serenity’s Desire by Kay Rizzo
This conversation is from a memory the main character Serenity remembers having with her mom.
“Reading brings that world to your doorstep.  A woman, a wife and a mother needs to understand as much about that world as she can in order to make it a better place for herself and for those she loves.”… “God has given you a keen mind, my dear.  It is your responsibility to improve it so that when He calls you to wage war against the evils of the world, you will be prepared.”

Dear God, Help me to be a woman of character of valor that hopes in you alone.  May I be prepared for the days to come.  Amen

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