10 Things You Should Not Procrastinate Doing

As I sit here procrastinating doing the dishes from lunch and breakfast, I decided to come up with a list of things that are better done sooner rather than later. 1.  Of course my dishes.  They are not going to wash themselves especially since I do not have a dishwasher. (Note: this was just one counter full.) 2. Scheduling a […]

Seeing Hope

On a cool May evening, we all gathered on a basketball court that had been transformed into a secret garden.  The pastel cloth draped over the barbed wire.  This is hope.  Hope that beauty can be still be seen in this land.  We sat for two hours watching the girls express them through dance.  It made me think about hope […]

Links-June 2012

This week we started our summer break.  I am excited about the extra time to read, study, pray and hang out with friends that is if I can stay disciplined.  The following links were great reminders for me of my priorities for this summer and what I want to accomplish. The first post is about Why Bible Study Doesn’t Transform […]

Not Getting Side Tracked From Your Call

Last Tuesday, I turned in my contract committing to another year at the international school where I teach.  Last Wednesday morning, I woke up and read an email that informed me that 7 people more people were leaving and would not be coming back in the Fall.  Tears flowed from my eyes as I tried to take it all in. […]

Quotes-May 2012

Between the internet being down and the busyness of this time of year,  I am a tad late getting my quotes post written.  I haven’t felt like I have read much this month but was pleasantly surprised to find a few quotes to share. With all the changes going on here due to people leaving and end of the year […]