Perseverance- Nehemiah 13

Nehemiah returns to Jerusalem after being away and finds the people have slid back into some of their old habits and even added a few new things to the mix.  Nehemiah discovers that one of his enemies has a storage room in the temple.  The Levites and singers have gone back to their towns since they haven’t been getting paid.  The sabbath day is being used as a day to work and buy and sell.  Lastly there is still the problem of mixed marriages with the children not even knowing the language of the Jerusalem.   Nobody would have blamed Nehemiah if he would have just headed back to his job with the king and forgot the whole mess.  But Nehemiah perseveres and works at bringing the reforms that needed to be made.  Nehemiah perseveres in the work God has for him to the very end.

As a mom, there are days where I feel like I am making the same reforms again and again.  Reminders to do daily chores are given.  Rooms are inspected and cleaning methods are retaught.  Conversations take place where children are encouraged to use better words when talking with their siblings.  As a teacher, there are days when I am making the same reforms again and again.  Please bring your supplies to class.  Don’t talk unless I have called on you.  Do your homework.  Take notes.  Perseverance is needed even more as we near the end of school and everyone is ready to be done.  The things I deal with on a daily basis are small compared to what Nehemiah dealt with.  If he could persevere,  I can too.  Of course, I can only do this with God’s help and strength.

I am also reminded of God’s perseverance with me.  How often he has to teach and reteach me many lessons.  I am thankful that he hasn’t given up on me and won’t.

Dear God, Thank you for your perseverance with me.  Forgive me for those sins that keep coming back.  Give me strength to overcome them.  Give me perseverance to be faithful to the work you have for me as I mother and teach.  Give me extra love and grace for my children and students as this school year comes to a close.  May we finish strong.  In Jesus name, Amen

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