Links-May 2012

Links-May 2012

For some reason all of the links for this month have lists.  I love lists.

1.  The first one has a list of questions that help gauge our busyness and how it affects our family.  It is found at Teaching Good Things and called the Curse of Busyness.   I think I will be going back to this site over the summer to explore their projects and how to articles.

2. The second link is found at A Holy Experience by Ann Voscamp- 15 Reasons Why Community is Important Even When You are Hurting.  Great words at just the right time.  I was having one of those months where I would just rather have hibernated in my house or switched groups.

3. Blogging Advice from John Newton is the third link found at Desiring God.  Blogging helps me process what I am learning and I am just glad when someone reads it once in a while.

4.  Lastly these Quotes from the book the Explicit Gospel make we want to read this book this summer.

Feel free to share any lists you have enjoyed this month in the comments.


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