Perseverance- Nehemiah 13

Nehemiah returns to Jerusalem after being away and finds the people have slid back into some of their old habits and even added a few new things to the mix.  Nehemiah discovers that one of his enemies has a storage room in the temple.  The Levites and singers have gone back to their towns since they haven’t been getting paid. […]

Great Joy- Nehemiah 11 and 12

Nehemiah 11 tells us how some people volunteered and some people were chosen by lot to live in Jerusalem and help build it up.  Their names are listed.  It is interesting to note that we don’t know which ones volunteered and which were chosen but that they were obedient to do what was asked.  Chapter 11 and part of 12 […]

Blooming in Hard Places

I thought I would share with you a picture from my backyard.  Aren’t they amazing?  I can’t take any credit for them looking so beautiful.  If I lived in the states, I would probably have to do all sorts of things to help them bloom-special soil, covering them in the winter, the right pruning, etc.  I did not do any […]

Links-May 2012

For some reason all of the links for this month have lists.  I love lists. 1.  The first one has a list of questions that help gauge our busyness and how it affects our family.  It is found at Teaching Good Things and called the Curse of Busyness.   I think I will be going back to this site over the […]

Lessons from my Wall Washing

Spring is here and as the weather has become nicer, I began to notice how dirty my walls are.  In the winter, we use wood heat and the soot made the walls and ceilings a slightly darker color not to mention the fingers prints and scuffs from having kids around.  Since I am at school every day I had decided […]

I am Responsible… -Nehemiah 9 and 10

I looked at my watch and saw that the teachers should be here any second to collect their students from lunch.  The students were all ready and lined up to go.  At least I thought they were, until I saw a first grade boy using his water bottle to spray students in the other line.  I headed in his direction, […]

Quotes-April 2012

(Picture by TJ) Here’s a little bit of what I have been reading this month.   From What Happens When Women Say Yes to God by Lysa TerKeurst p. 79 “A wise friend once gave me a real nugget of truth that I think about often.  She warned me as I stepped out and determined to say yes to God […]