When the Angel Didn’t Come

When the Angel Didn’t Come

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Last year my dad died of cancer.   He had been battling cancer since my son Big D was born.  It was miraculous how God took care of him in those years.  Most of the time he was healthy and doing well.  I used to think it was just the surgeries that removed the cancer spots him that made him look sick not the cancer itself.   During that time, he lived life to the fullest.  He loved.  He worked.  He invested in people.  When we were preparing to come overseas, Dad and I talked about the possiblity of his cancer coming back and him dying before our first term was up.   I refused to believe that would happen.  Whenever the doctors found something, there was always a solution whether it was surgery or some other type of treatment.  Last spring, Dad found out the treatments were not working and he didn’t know how long he had maybe a month, maybe more.  The kids and I went home to see him just in case.  At the same time, I had to come to grips or peace with the fact that this time our prayers were going to be answered differently.  I firmly believe that God could have sent an angel to heal my dad and he would still be with us today.  Instead He decided that it was time for my dad to meet him.

In his post When the Angel Didn’t Come, Jon Bloom talks about how James was not rescued but Peter was.  I liked his perspective and his reminder that God has different priorities for each of us.  So even though the article was about those facing death because of their faith, I think the principles still apply for those who are wondering why some people are healed of their sickness and others are not.

Dear God, Thank you that you always hear our prayers.  Thank you for a peace that can only come from you.  May we always remember that your ways are not our ways and that your thoughts are not our thoughts.  In Jesus name, Amen

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      Wow! Great article from Bloom. It gives us perspective on our prayers and priorities. We are so distracted by the temporal and physical, when we should be focussed on the eternal and spiritual. I am a slow learner, but thanks for the reminder!
      Love you!

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