Looking for Life this Easter

Looking for Life this Easter

This Easter will be a bit different for my family.  We will be traveling home from a break and will miss the traditional services and such.  So the challenge is for us to remember Easter in our hearts and celebrate it as a family.  When we left, winter was still trying to linger on so as we head back I am looking forward to seeing signs of life springing up-patches of green grass, buds on the trees, and maybe some strawberries still in the market.  I am anxious to see life after a long winter.   Isn’t that what Easter is all about?  The women at the tomb were not looking for life but found an empty tomb and a message of life resurrected.  The two men on the Emmaus Road were not looking for life but Jesus gave them new perspective on life through his teaching of the scriptures and sharing with them.   All around us people are busy with their lives but are they really looking for life? Am I looking to see Christ resurrected in those I interact with daily?   My prayer is that this Easter God will open their eyes to the life that can only be found abundantly in Jesus.  May they see him as Spring unfolds its beauty.  May they see him in the love shown by those who call ourselves his followers.  May they hear the story of Easter and not focus on the death of Jesus but on His life.  May I do the same.

I am also reminded that life is best seen where there is grace not rules and regulations.  So my mini resolution for the week is to have more grace with my family and students.  How thankful I am for the grace made possible for me through Christ’s death and resurrection.

Happy Easter!! He is risen!!


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