10 Things to Remember When Your Feelings Get Hurt

Misunderstandings happen.  Words are said that should not have been said.  People don’t think before they do things.  This is life in a fallen world.   Last week as I was reading my email, I found that someone had pretty much taken over a task that I was suppose to do.  I had no clue, no warning.  If they would have asked to do the task, I would have gladly given it to them.   It was a stressful thing for me anyways.  I guess I just felt blind sided.  Decisions were made that I felt I at least needed to be cc on an email.  On the suggestion of my DH, I called the person and talked it through with him/her.  By the end of the conversation, I released my responsibility for the task.  It should have been finished but feelings were hurt.  The person was not trying to hurt me.  He/she was trying to get a job done and didn’t think through what was being done.  Even though I have forgiven this person, I am a little wary and I must admit my feelings still hurt a bit.  Rationally, I know it wasn’t a big deal and I need to get over it.  Emotionally, I know it will take time and I can be a little on the dramatic side.  Spiritually, I need to keep giving it to God  and taking each thought captive when I start to think about it.

So as my way of processing, here are 10 things to remember when I get my feelings hurt.
1. In this life, my feelings will get hurt and I will hurt other people’s feelings.  This is life.
2. God will take all my hurts whether they are big or small.
3. Most of the time, people don’t mean to hurt others.  They just don’t think about what they are saying or doing.
4. I need to acknowledge my hurt and talk it out if possible with the person who hurt me.   Not in a accusatory way but in a way that seeks to understand where the other person is coming from.
5. I need to daily take captive thoughts that want to feed my hurt not heal it.
6. I need to think before I speak and act so I don’t unintentionally hurt others.
7. Forgive and forgive again.
8. It’s okay to set boundaries.
9. The Devil would like nothing better for God’s children to hold grudges against each other for hurts and wrongs.
10. Am I letting my feelings and hurts getting in the way of what God wants me to do?

Dear God,  Your adversary the devil wants your children to misunderstand each other and harbor hurts. Forgive me when I do that.  Show me where I need to forgive or ask forgiveness.  Thank you for the healing and reconciliation that are possible because of Jesus. Amen

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