Lessons from the Jade Factory

(picture taken by me) While we were in China, we were given a tour of a jade factory.  We first saw how the carvers work to make the jade pieces into their final products such as the happiness ball and other carvings.  Next we were taken to a room that had beautiful pieces too big and expensive for most people […]

Celebrating Joyfully-Nehemiah 8

I have chosen the way of truth; I have set my heart on your laws.  Ps 119:30 The wall is finished.  The people assemble and ask Ezra to read to them from the Law.   Ezra complies.  As the people stand, Ezra reads from daybreak to noon.  The people worship.  The Levites help interpret and explain the law.  The people […]

10 Things to Remember When Your Feelings Get Hurt

Misunderstandings happen.  Words are said that should not have been said.  People don’t think before they do things.  This is life in a fallen world.   Last week as I was reading my email, I found that someone had pretty much taken over a task that I was suppose to do.  I had no clue, no warning.  If they would […]

Favorite Links-April 2012

Our family just got back a week ago from a trip to China.  Here is a picture of the plum trees blooming.  A great reminder that spring is here.  While on our trip, it was fun to have some downtime here and there to do some reading.  Here are some of my favorite links. Especially as I have one teenager […]

Staying Focused on the Task-Nehemiah 6&7

Once again Nehemiah faced opposition to his task of rebuilding the wall.  Sanballet and Tobias sent letters to Nehemiah trying to get him to come meet them and accused him of things that he had not done.  To each of these letters, Nehemiah replied that he was doing a great work and that he could not come down.  His next […]

When the Angel Didn’t Come

(from aliensandangels.wordpress.com) Last year my dad died of cancer.   He had been battling cancer since my son Big D was born.  It was miraculous how God took care of him in those years.  Most of the time he was healthy and doing well.  I used to think it was just the surgeries that removed the cancer spots him that made […]

Looking for Life this Easter

This Easter will be a bit different for my family.  We will be traveling home from a break and will miss the traditional services and such.  So the challenge is for us to remember Easter in our hearts and celebrate it as a family.  When we left, winter was still trying to linger on so as we head back I […]