Seeing and the Snow

Seeing and the Snow

One thing I am working on this year is trying to see people, issues and things from other points of view.   So many times I see things through the lenses I have of the world and fail to see how things really are or how God might see the situation.  So I thought I would attempt to do a post about seeing each week.  I decided to start out with snow since we received about 18 inches of it this last weekend.   To me, the snow was beautiful.  I didn’t even mind walking to church in the snow as my children ran ahead bombarding each other with snow balls.  I loved seeing the joy on my son’s face as he engaged his friends and even people he didn’t know into snowball fights.   I enjoyed the day watching the snow come down while I sat by the warm stove working on my computer.  This week I have enjoyed the brisk walks I have had in the morning to friend’s houses for a warm drink and chat.  This Iowa girl loves the snow.  It also makes where I live look a little less bleak.  For many where I live, snow brings the promise of a good spring and summer with plenty of water.  For others, it just reminds them of how cold they are because they don’t have enough wood or fuel for the winter.  For example, my cleaning lady commented that her home was as cold as my upstairs that we don’t heat.  So even though getting to my house was difficult, she didn’t seem to mind since I had at least a few warm rooms and as much hot tea as she could drink.   Then there are those I saw yesterday walking down the street with a snow shovel over their shoulder taking advantage of the opportunity for work and possibly some money.  For one friend, the snow meant a two day delay of leaving to go home to the states.  For another it meant not being able to return to his third grade class bringing challenges for those trying to cover his class.    So today I am thankful for the beauty and fun of the snow and the water that it brings but pray for those who are cold and are experiencing even more challenges due to the snow.

Dear God, Help us to see you in all situations.  Help us to see people as you see them.  Thank you for the snow.  Be with those who are sick and cold.  Provide for them physically and spiritually.  Amen

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