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As I woke up this morning and lay in bed awake, my mind started thinking about a blog post I had read recently by John Piper called Know A Christian Who Seems to Love Movies More Than Jesus.  It really made me think about the daily conversations I have both inside and outside my home.  What do I get excited about?  What do I talk about?

But then I thought, why don’t I talk more about Jesus and what he has done? Is it because I am afraid of coming off as too religious?  Most of all, do I get just as excited when I talk about Jesus as I do if I am talking about a favorite book or new item in my house?   I am challenged just to talk about what Jesus is doing in my life more often with my husband, kids and close friends.  I think then it will become  naturally a part of other conversations.  Of course, if I am excited about Jesus, I would not be able to stop talking about him.  So the question is am I excited about Jesus?

So as you can see I have a lot of questions and not many answers.  I know the article was more about others than examining myself.  But for me, I needed to start with myself.   I live in a culture where religion is a common topic even though Jesus is not.   I find myself talking more about God and what he is doing than Jesus.  Maybe it is because God is a safer topic.  My prayer is in the coming weeks for me to seek God’s leading in my conversations to see if now is the time to introduce the name of Jesus.  What about you?

Dear God, Thank you for your son.  May I never take for granted what Jesus did on the cross.  May I set my eyes of Jesus the author and perfecter of my faith.  Give the words to share Jesus in this culture.  May my excitement for Jesus be contagious.  Amen

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      We talk about what we know. : ) In today's culture, there are many "gods" so to specify that the God you are talking about is the God of the Christian Bible and the Father of His One and Only Son Jesus Christ has to be stated up front, otherwise, we, as Christians, can have some really "spiritual conversations" with someone who doesn't even know Jesus…they speak a "divine language" and think they are "gods or goddesses" and believe in "all things spiritual" but they don't KNOW JESUS!! : ) Thanks for asking Great Questions and Jesus IS the only right Answer!!

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