Keeping Warm

Keeping Warm

As you can see, it is cold where I live.   January has been colder than normal this year.  In fact, today it was only 10 degrees Fahrenheit.   Now where some of  you live the weather is much colder.  What makes it feel so cold here is that there is no central heat.  This Iowa girl had a few cold winters growing up but somehow she is very cold here.  Since we cannot just turn a switch and our heat comes on, a lot of time and energy is spent into staying warm.  At home, we spend most of our time in the living room where the wood stove is located.  My husband and son graciously bring in the wood each evening and keep the fire tended.  Then when it is time for bed, we run upstairs and jump quickly into a bed that has hot water bottles and two down comforters plus a few other blankets.  If the hot water bottles were put in at the right time, the bed is warm.  If not, it will be cold for a few minutes.  In the morning, my husband wakes up earlier so that he can have the dining room warm for us when we get up.  Other times he will have the bathroom heater lit so that we can get ready in a room where we can not see our breath.    Have I mentioned the layers of clothes we wear each day?  At school, my students are all fighting over who can sit the closest to the heater.  Some students wear a stocking hat all day.  Some days I join them.
We use a lot of energy keeping our bodies warm here.  It made me think of how much energy I use keeping my heart warm for the things of God.   Do I daily spend time with the light of the world so that I can shine brightly to those around me?   Do I dedicate time each day to spend with my Savior who when he speaks has been know to make those around him feel like their hearts were burning within them? (Note: the men on the road to Emmaus in Luke 24)  Most of all, am I praying daily for God’s spirit to warm the hearts of those around me to his words and his salvation?  We live in a world that is cold to the things of God.  May we not let our hearts grow cold or even lukewarm. 
God, Thank you for the warmth in the midst of the cold.  I ask that you be with those who have no source of heat that you would provide for them.  Also be with those who need the warmth of your love to transform their hearts and lives.  Bring warmth to this land.  May I be diligent and guard my heart from even becoming luke warm.  In Jesus Name, Amen

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