Our Family’s Favorite 2011 Reads-Part 3

Here are Big D’s and W’s lists.

Big D’s List
1.  Inheritance(last book of the Eragon Series) by Christopher Paolini

2. Harry Potter Series by J.K.Rowlings
I know these books have been around awhile and to tell the truth we put off reading them due to differing opinions about them.  Big D’s teacher this year had the books and so after some discussion we let David read them.  He enjoyed the books and he liked to talk about what he was reading with us so we feel good about the decision.

3. Magnificent 12 series by Michael Grant

Big D has read the first two books.  I found the first one free and he liked it so well he bought the second on his own.   The story is about 12 kids that are 12 years old who have special powers and are trying to defeat an evil queen.

4. Heroes of Olympus series by Rick Riordan
This series is about set in Greek and Roman mythology and continues where the Percy Jackson left off.  So far there are only two books in the series.

5. The Red Kane Chronicles Series by Rick Riordan

 This series uses Egyptian mythology characters as part of the plot.  The adventure include two teens trying to destroy this huge serpent.  So far there are just two books.

6. Sisters Grimm Series by Michael Buckley

 This is the series Big D is currently reading.  The stories use fairy tale characters but often the plot has fun twists.  Big D is currently ready for Book 8 and is deciding whether to use his Christmas money to buy it.

W’s List
1. Hunger Game Trilogy by Suzanne Collins

 The whole family ended up reading this series but W and I read it while we were at the beach this summer.  It was recommended to W by two different friends this summer when we were in the states.  The plots keeps you engaged but also makes you think about issues that are involved in the story.  We are looking forward to seeing the movie after it comes out.

2. Waterfall: A River of Time series by Lisa T. Bergren

A fun book where two sisters go back in time and help save a kingdom.  W. plans on reading the next two books this year.

3.Powerless Series by Jason Letts

 W, Big D and my DH all read this fantasy series where one girl realizes that she is living in a world where she is the only one who doesn’t have special powers.   And of course somewhere in the plot, she has to help save the world.

4. Uglies series by Scott Westerfield

This futuristic series is about a world where at a certain age everyone is made pretty.  But things aren’t always as they seem as Tally soon finds out.
5. Dragons of Starlight Series by Bryan Davis

 This is a Christian fantasy series that has the main character looking to find his brothers and battle some dragons.  I found the first one free and W liked it so well she purchased the second and third book.
6.  A Daughter’s Worth by Ava Sturgeon

W was wanting a book to help her in her God time.  This is what we found and she liked it.  Now W and her friends are going through book together called A Young Woman After God’s Own Heart by Elizabeth George.

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